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Staff Directory

Last Namesort descending First Name Job Title Department Phone Email
Baukus Adam Research Associate
Adam's Bio
Research (207) 228-1691
Benson James Sustainable Seafood Project Manager
James's Bio
Community (207) 228-1684
Bodge Gayle PowerHouse Program Manager
Gayle's Bio
Education (207) 228-1647
Bridger Eric Senior Software Engineer
Eric's Bio
Research (207) 228-1662
Brosseau Patricia Facilities & IT Coordinator
Patricia 's Bio
Finance and Administration (207) 228-1620
Brown Curt Research Associate
Curt's Bio
Research (207) 228-1671
Brown Michelle Communications Coordinator, Fisheries Technical Assistance Program
Michelle's Bio
Community (207) 228-1698
Carlin Croy Research Technician
Croy's Bio
Research (207) 228-1686
Carter Michelle Grants and Accounting Manager
Michelle's Bio
Finance and Administration (207) 228-1660
Casals Caroline Education Platforms Specialist
Caroline's Bio
Education (207) 228-1649
Collins Patricia Community Program Coordinator
Patricia's Bio
Community (207) 228-1625
Cummings Margaret Administrative Assistant
Margaret's Bio
Finance and Administration (207) 228-1650
Dayton Alexa Training and Outreach Program Manager
Alexa's Bio
Community (207) 228-1645
Draper Catey Executive Assistant
Catey's Bio
Office of the President (207) 228-1661
Dresser Seth Front End Web Developer
Seth's Bio
Research (207) 228-1653
Eayrs Steve Research Scientist
Steve's Bio
Research (207) 228-1659
Eufemia Sullivan Meredyth LabVenture! Program Manager
Meredyth's Bio
Education (207) 228-1648
Farmer Thomas New Products Manager
Thomas's Bio
Education (207) 228-1623
Flavin Katie LabVenture! Lead Educator
Katie's Bio
Education (207) 228-1648
Foley Kyle Seafood Brand Manager
Kyle's Bio
Community (207) 228-1670
Golet Walt Research Scientist, GMRI and UMaine
Walt's Bio
Research (207) 228-1695
Grant Ellen Chief Operating Officer
Ellen's Bio
Office of the President (207) 228-1668
Grimes Blaine Chief Development Officer
Blaine's Bio
Development (207) 228-1655
Hager Mark Technical Programs Manager, Fisheries Technical Assistance Program
Mark's Bio
Community (207) 228-1685
Hallisey Brian Development Data Administrator
Brian 's Bio
Development (207) 228-1638
Hanegan Kristin Grants Accountant
Kristin's Bio
Finance and Administration (207) 228-1640
Harlow Jill Advancement Strategist
Jill's Bio
Development (207) 228-1629
Hernandez Christina Research Technician
Christina's Bio
Research (207) 228-1695
Howard Lisa Accounting Assistant
Lisa's Bio
Finance and Administration (207) 228-1672
Hudson Mary Project Coordinator, Fisheries Technical Assistance Program
Mary's Bio
Community (207) 228-1666
Joyce Jessica Program Manager, Fisheries Technical Assistance Program
Jessica's Bio
Community (207) 228-1654
Kerr Lisa Research Scientist, Marine Fisheries Ecology
Lisa's Bio
Research (207) 228-1639
Kirn Sarah Education Programs Strategist
Sarah's Bio
Education (207) 228-1631
Labaree Jonathan Chief Community Officer
Jonathan's Bio
Community (207) 228-1630
Le Bris Arnault Postdoctoral Research Associate
Arnault's Bio
Research (207) 228-1695
Levin Jen Sustainable Seafood Program Manager
Jen's Bio
Community (207) 228-1688
Libby Kat Grant Writer
Kat's Bio
Development (207) 228-1683
Little Kimberly LabVenture! Lead Educator
Kimberly's Bio
Education Phone: (207) 228-1627
Lively Beth Executive Assistant
Beth's Bio
Finance and Administration (207) 228-1637
Longley Sarah Development Coordinator
Sarah's Bio
Development (207) 228-1699
Martineau Angie HR & Accounting Manager
Angie's Bio
Finance and Administration (207) 228-1633
Martz Nancy Research Administrator
Nancy's Bio
Research (207) 228-1636
McAuliffe Scott Education Platforms Specialist
Scott's Bio
Education (207) 228-1628
Meserve Molly Cohen Center Fellow in Interactive Learning & Science Education Specialist
Molly's Bio
Education (207) 228-1649
Miller Elijah Campaign Coordinator
Elijah's Bio
Development (207) 228-1667
Mills Kathy Associate Research Scientist
Kathy's Bio
Research (207) 228-1657
Ogilvie Ian Senior Software Developer
Ian's Bio
Research (207) 228-1662
Peake Leigh Chief Education Officer
Leigh's Bio
Education (207) 228-1632
Perkins Donald President/CEO
Donald's Bio
Office of the President (207) 228-1634
Pershing Andrew Chief Scientific Officer
Andrew's Bio
Research (207) 228-1656
Profaizer Steven Communications Manager
Steven's Bio
Development (207) 228-1635
Reich Timothy IT & Facilities Manager
Timothy's Bio
Finance and Administration (207) 228-1642
Runge Jeffrey Research Scientist, Biological Oceanography
Jeffrey's Bio
Research (207) 228-1652
Scannell Hillary Graduate Research Associate
Hillary's Bio
Research (207) 228-1695
Sherwood Graham Research Scientist, Demersal Ecolology
Graham 's Bio
Research (207) 228-1644
Soloff Shelby Part-time Receptionist
Shelby's Bio
Finance and Administration (207) 228-1650
Stanley Rebecca Cohen Center Fellow in Interactive Learning
Rebecca's Bio
Education (207) 228-1627
Sun Jenny Senior Marine Resource Economist
Jenny's Bio
Research (207) 228-1658
Taber Ann HR Accountant
Ann's Bio
Finance and Administration (207) 228-1643
Thompson Cameron Research Associate
Cameron's Bio
Research (207) 228-1687
Traister Christina Donor Relations Manager
Christina's Bio
Development (207) 228-1622
Voyer Christine Vital Signs Program Manager
Christine's Bio
Education (207) 228-1624
Whitener Zachary Research Technician
Zachary's Bio
Research (207) 228-1646
Williams Margaret Chief Financial Officer
Margaret's Bio
Finance and Administration (207) 228-1641
Young Morse Riley Ocean Data Products Program Manager
Riley's Bio
Research (207) 228-1663