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Selected Publications 

Runge, J. A, M. Coté and B. Thompson. 2016. Integrated Sentinel Monitoring Network for Change in Northeast U.S. Ocean and Coastal Ecosystems Science and Implementation Plan:  Ed. I. NERACOOS/NROC Coastal Ocean and Ecosystem Health Committee.

Runge, J.A. , D.M. Fields, C. R. S. Thompson, S. D. Shema, R.M. Bjelland, C. M. F. Durif, A.B. Skiftesvik and H. I. Browman. 2016.  End of the century CO2 concentrations do not have a negative effect on vital rates of Calanus  finmarchicus, an ecologically critical planktonic species in North Atlantic ecosystems.  ICES J. Mar. Sci. 73 (3): 937-950.

Runge, J.A., R. Ji,  C. Thompson, N. Record, C. Chen, D. Vandemark, J. Salisbury and F. Maps. 2015. Persistence of Calanus finmarchicus in the western Gulf of Maine during recent extreme warming. J. Plankton Res.  37: 221-232.

Melle, W., J. Runge, E. Head, S. Plourde, C. Castellani, P. Licandro, J. Pierson, S. Jonasdottir, C. Johnson, G. Chust, C. Broms, H. Debes, T. Falkenhaug, E. Gaard, A. Gislason, M. Heath, B. Niehoff, T. Nielsen, P. Pepin and E. Stenevik. 2014. The North Atlantic Ocean as habitat for Calanus finmarchicus: environmental factors and life history traits. Prog. Oceanogr.  129: 244-284.

Curchitser, E.N., H.P. Batchelder, D.B. Haidvogel, J. Fiechter, and J. Runge. 2013. Advances in physical, biological, and coupled ocean models during the US GLOBEC program. Oceanography 26(4):52–67.

Johnson, C., J. Runge, A. Bucklin, K. A. Curtis, E. Durbin, J. A. Hare, L. S. Incze, J. Link, G. Melvin, T. O’Brien and L. Van Guelpen. 2011. Biodiversity and ecosystem function in the Gulf of Maine: pattern and role of zooplankton and pelagic nekton. PLoS One.  6: 1-18.

Churchill, J., J. Runge and C. Chen. 2011. Processes controlling retention of spring-spawned Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in the western Gulf of Maine and their relationship to an index of recruitment success. Fish. Oceanogr. 20: 32-46.

Runge, J. A., A. Kovach, J. Churchill, L. Kerr, J. R. Morrison, R. Beardsley, D. Berlinsky, C. Chen, S. Cadrin, C. Davis, K. Ford, J. H. Grabowski, W. H. Howell, R. Ji, R. Jones, A Pershing, N. Record, A. Thomas, G. Sherwood, S. Tallack and D. Townsend. 2010. Understanding climate impacts on recruitment and spatial dynamics of Atlantic cod in the Gulf of Maine: Integration of observations and modeling. Prog. Oceanogr. 87: 251-263.

Ji, R., M. Edwards, D. Mackas, J. Runge and A. Thomas. 2010. Marine plankton phenology and life history in a changing climate: Current research and future directions. J. Plankton Res. 32: 1355-1368.

Castonguay, M., S. Plourde, D. Robert, J. A. Runge and L. Fortier. 2008. Copepod production drives recruitment in a marine fish. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 65: 1528-1531.








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