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Jenny Sun, Ph.D.


The primary focus of Jenny's research is to apply research and policy analysis relating to marine resources economics and rights-based management. She is experienced and knowledgeable about the global seafood industry and her interests in fisheries resource economics cover a number of topics, particularly on the market incentives-based management for the sustainability of the marine and coastal resources, as well as bio-economic modeling and marine spatial planning economics issues. Jenny has organized and participated in many international meetings on the economics of tuna fisheries and institutions. Currently (2010-2013) she serves as the co-Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation project under Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems Program Fishscape: Complex Dynamics of the Eastern Pacific Tuna Fishery to model the human and natural elements of the complex system which includes the oceans, the fish, the fishers, the markets, and the political policies.

Primary Research Interests

Marine/Fisheries Economics and Management, Environmental Economics, International Trade, Quantitative Analysis and Econometric Modeling, Time Series Forecasting.


  • National Chung-Hsing University, Applied Economics, B.S., 1987.
  • National Taiwan University, Agricultural Economics, M.S., 1989.
  • Cornell University, Agricultural, Resource, and Managerial Economics, Ph.D., 1994.

Service to Science and Community

  • Editorial Board, Journal of Aquaculture Economics and Management, International Association of Aquaculture Economics and Management; Taiwanese Agricultural Economic Review, Rural Economics Society of Taiwan.
  • Invited Speaker, Coastal Pelagic Species Fishery - Catch Share Workshop, Sponsored by Pacific States Fishery Management Council, February 2-4, 2010, San Francisco, CA.
  • Lead Organizer for the Workshop on Global Tuna Demand, Fisheries Dynamics and Fisheries Management in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, hosted by Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission and NOAA Fisheries, May 13-14, 2010, San Diego, CA.
  • Executive Committee, 2000-2004, the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade and serve as Scientific Committee for their 2008 Conference in Nha Trang, Vietnam and 2010 Conference in Montpellier, France.