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Steve Eayrs, Ph.D.


Steve is an Australian scientist who began his career as a fisherman in Australia, the Middle East, and S. E. Asia, before moving into research. Prior to joining GMRI, Steve worked at the Australian Maritime College, during which time he played a key role in the development of selective fishing gears in a variety of fisheries in Australia and other countries. Steve joined our staff in January 2007 to lead our efforts to develop environmentally-friendly fishing gear, working collaboratively with fishermen and other stakeholders.

Primary Research Interests

Fishing gear design and operation, energy optimization, and fuel conservation; Fishing gear selectivity and seabed impact; Fish behavior and response to gear stimuli; Catchability and catching efficiency; Role of fishing technology in fisheries management; Electronic logbooks and monitoring; Seafood certification and impacts on commercial fishermen; Environmental management systems; Organizational change management and application to the fishing industry; Sustaining fishing communities and food security.


  • PhD, Natural Resources and Earth Science, University of New Hampshire
  • Master of Philosophy (Fisheries), Australian Maritime College
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Fisheries Technology), Australian Maritime College

Service to Science & Community

  • Adjunct Scientist - University of Southern Maine
  • Member - New England Fisheries Management Council Habitat Development Team
  • Member - New England Fisheries Management Council Northeast Trawl Advisory Panel
  • Editor - International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) Journal of Marine Science
  • Member - ICES-FAO Fishing Technology and Fish Behavior Working Group
  • Judge - WWF International Smart Gear Competition