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Out of the Blue


November 15-24, 2013

Out of the Pollock Participants
November 15-24, 2013

Dogfish Map

(Click the map for locations of current Out of the Blue establishments.)

Developing Markets for Underutilized Seafood

In 2011, a team of local fishermen, restaurants, and food service providers began working with GMRI to build markets for underutilized and under-appreciated Gulf of Maine species. This team used criteria, such as low ex-vessel price, only a small percent of allowable catch harvested, variance in foreign market values, and strong management were used to identify four species to promote. Ultimately, the project seeks to increase consumer awareness of underutilized local, sustainable seafood by spotlighting these species at local restaurants and food service outlets.

2013 Out of the Blue Seafood Promotions

Starting in June 2012, restaurants showed their support of local seafood by participating in week-long promotions of each of the four species identified. The Out of the Blue promotions return in 2013, with each species being featured on participating restaurant menus during the corresponding ten-day period.

2013 Species Promotions Schedule:

Redfish Fact Card - May 10-19

Mackerel Fact Card - June 14-23

Dogfish Fact Card - July 26 - August 4

Whiting Fact Card - September 13-22

Pollock Fact Card - November 15-24

***To participate in Out of the Blue promotions, please complete and return the 2013 Out of the Blue | Participation Packet by the specified deadlines.***

Project's Steering Team

Species Recipes

  • Michael Boland (Havana,Rupununi)
  • Charles Bryon (The Salt Exchange)
  • Bob Campbell (Yankee Fisherman's Cooperative)
  • Ken Cardone (Bowdoin College Dining Service)
  • Jim Frank (fisherman)
  • David Goethel (fisherman)
  • Sam Hayward (Fore Street)
  • Mitchell Kaldrovich (Sea Glass)
  • Rauni Kew (Inn by the Sea)
  • Richard Kolseth (fisherman)
  • Justin Libby (fisherman)
  • Rob Odlin (fisherman)
  • Rick Trundy (fisherman)

Pollock cropped

Nick Flavin, a local Maine artist, generously provided all of the artwork used in the Out of the Blue promotions. To see more of Nick's work please click the link to visit his website:


Out of the Blue Media

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Funding for this work is provided through a grant from the Saltonstall-Kennedy program from the National Marine Fisheries Service.