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Fisheries Technical Assistance Program
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The Fisheries Technical Assistance Program was developed to combine GMRI's extensive work with New England groundfish sectors and our broadening outreach efforts into other fisheries and fisheries management related issues. As a neutral entity, the primary role of the Fisheries Technical Assistance Program is to provide objective support and guidance to industry stakeholders across a diverse range of marine fisheries issues.

Focused on providing a range of technical, convening, and outreach services to New England's commercial fishing industry, the Fisheries Technical Assistance Program continues to provide technical support to 17 groundfish sectors through various workshop and training offerings. The program also extends outreach support to the monkfish fishery where a potential management change is on the horizon. Additionally, the program works closely with GMRI gear technology scientists to enable the adoption of more selective fishing gear with the aim of increasing fishermen's abilities to utilize their allocations.

Our Current Projects:

Meet the Team
Jon LaJessicaJonathon Peros Michelle Loquine

Jonathan LabareeJessica JoyceJonathon PerosMichelle Loquine