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Program Goal

Catalyze and support the evolution of an economically and ecologically sustainable seafood industry in the Gulf of Maine through the creation of market incentives.

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The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) developed the Sustainable Seafood Initiative to strengthen the economic and ecologic sustainability of the Gulf of Maine seafood industry. The landscape of marine fisheries in the Gulf of Maine region is constantly changing and no singular approach will resolve these multifaceted issues. The Sustainable Seafood Initiative recognizes the complexity in these matters and applies an objective science based approach when scrutinizing and developing innovative sustainable strategies that encompass an ecosystem-based approach.

The Sustainable Seafood Initiative works with a diverse group of stakeholders, including harvesters, processors, retailers, and conservation organizations, to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of the Gulf of Maine fisheries and coastal communities. By working with all parts of the supply chain, the Initiative seeks to create a system that rewards fisheries, farms, and seafood companies that are committed to reducing their ecological impacts. Through efforts such as the Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested program the Sustainable Seafood Initiative seeks to reward current sustainable practices as well as those efforts engaged in continuous improvement.

Meet the Team


Jen Levin
Program Manager

Kyle Foley

Kyle Foley
Brand Manager

James Benson

James Benson
Project Manager