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The GMRI Community team offers various types of trainings bringing together fishermen, managers, and scientists including Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and the Marine Resource Education Program (MREP). By bringing these diverse groups together in a neutral setting outside the regulatory process, both the MREP and EMS training programs develop increased understanding and trust. Fishermen become more comfortable working with the scientific information that guides management decisions and improve their understanding of the management process; while policymakers and scientists become increasingly familiar with the inner-workings and concerns of the fishing community. Many fishermen become involved in collaborative research projects following the program, helping to shape the future of their industry.

Marine Resources Education Program - Northeast Region

Conceived, managed and presented by fishermen for fishermen, the Marine Resource Education Program (MREP) arose from ongoing conversations among fishing community leaders active in the New England fishery management process. The question being asked at the time: What do fishermen need to know to be effective participants in collaborative science and management?

First initiated in 2001, a mix of commercial and recreational fishermen, managers, scientists and educators came together to craft a curriculum and mode of delivery, presented in two highly focused three-day workshops. Offered annually, with nearly 500 graduates to date, MREP has received recognition for raising the knowledge-base within the Northeast fishing community. This program recognizes the valuable information that fishermen bring to the table, and promotes cooperative efforts between fishermen, managers, and scientists to address complex fishery issues. Learn more.


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Marine Resources Education Program - Southeast Region


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Fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico, South Atlantic and Caribbean regions have joined forces to guide the development and implementation of a new offering aimed at improving the communications between industry, scientists and managers in the Southeast fisheries region. This program is tailored to the unique fisheries and management processes of the Southeast, recognizes the valuable information fishermen contribute, and provides a platform for future industry & science collaborations. Learn More.

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