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MREP Caribbean

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Puerto Rico

Tailored to the artisanal fisheries of the Caribbean, and with an emphasis on helping individual recreational and commercial fishermen understand the complex nature of fisheries science, the roles of local fisheries management agencies, and the overlapping law enforcement jurisdictions, this program is offered as a 3-day workshop combining these three topics.​

Participants are provided a basic working knowledge of concepts in population biology and the stock assessment process, including biological reference points used in management. Information presented in this section helps relate fishing effort to stock assessments and shows how fishermen’s knowledge and fishery-dependent data strengthen stock assessment models and results. The program includes tours of the a research lab, and participants are given small group activities designed to allow direct application of the concepts learned.

The curriculum also covers the components of a management plan, describes the progression of plan development, and identifies critical opportunities for participation and input. The final day focuses on the overlapping law enforcement jurisdictions and how fishermen can participate in co-management of the fisheries.