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Out of the Blue Celebrates Cape Shark

Out of the Blue
(All day)

Participating GMRI Culinary
Partners & Restaurants

From Friday, July 3 until Sunday, July 12, GMRI is partnering with restaurants throughout the region for an Out of the Blue promotion supporting cape shark. Cape shark, which is also known as dogfish, is delicious, abundant, and well-managed within the Gulf of Maine. It will be available at each participating restaurant during the ten-day event.

Responsible consumption of underutilized species like dogfish supports the regional fishing industry while maintaining a healthy Gulf of Maine ecosystem. Visit any of the patricipating restaurants below for an opportunity to try this lesser-known, yet abundant, species, and to learn how GMRI and its partners are making responsibly harvested seafood a priority in the region.








To learn more about how you can support local seafood, read about our Culinary Partners Program and Responsibly Harvested Seafood Brand.