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Out of the Blue

Many bountiful and well-managed fish species from the Gulf of Maine are not harvested, primarily due to lack of market demand. Fishermen get paid so little for these products, they can’t afford to pay their expenses to harvest them. For example, the average boat price for cape shark, also known as dogfish, in 2013 was $0.16/lb, while cod garnered $2.10/lb. Meanwhile, chefs who have worked with dogfish compare it to working with the popular mahi mahi.

To give the public an opportunity to try these products, GMRI’s restaurant, institution, and retail partners work together to make them available and promote them. In addition, our Seafood Dining Series provides an opportunity to try these fish at special dinners hosted by our Culinary Partners.

Out of the Blue species include Acadian redfish, Atlantic mackerel, cape shark (dogfish), whiting, and Atlantic pollock. Look for them at your local restaurants and retailers to expand your palate and support the local fishing industry!

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