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Sector Technical Assistance & Organizational Development
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With the passing of Amendment 16 (July 2009), the New England groundfish fishery faced a monumental management change in Fishing Year 2010, with a quick transition from a days-at-sea to a sector system. As a result, eighteen harvesting cooperatives, called sectors, were formed across New England with little time to develop individual or sector business models in preparation for this change in business practices. Each sector had to form a 501(c)(5) non-profit corporation, appoint a board of directors, hire a sector manager, and quickly get up to speed on the new regulatory, reporting and monitoring requirements of the sector management system. Since 2008, GMRI has helped sectors transition to these new institutions, administratively and operationally through various workshops and individual technical assistance. Some of these initiatives include:

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Other Sector-Related Work


Electronic Monitoring Pilot

Reports & Materials

Sector Management in New England's Groundfish Fishery: Dramatic Change Spurs Innovation (PDF)

Sector Marketing and Antitrust Manual (PDF)

Understanding Fishing Behavior and Constraints in Fishing Year 2012- Workshop Notes (PDF)

Additional Resources

Sector Publications Library