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Taking LabVenture! Outside the Lab

Sep 9, 2016
Cultivating Science Literacy

It’s easy to get caught up in the incredible hands-on activities that kids experience when they participate in LabVenture!.

Holding a live lobster, examining plankton through a microscope, and working in teams to explore a real science mystery… it’s all quite a rush for the roughly 10,000 Maine middle school students who visit our lab each year.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. The LabVenture! experience extends far beyond the walls of the lab. In fact, 78% of participating teachers incorporate LabVenture! as a deeper part of classroom learning.

We like to think of LabVenture! as the spark that ignites student interest in science inquiry. The next step is to fan the flames back in the classroom — a process we support in a number of ways.

Personalized Websites

After completing a LabVenture! visit, each student receives a Science Passport to access his or her own webpage. On these personalized web pages, students can review their findings and research from the lab. That includes everything from the videos they created with their teammates to the microscope images they captured. Many students share these webpages with their families back home, or use the data they collected to inform continuing projects in the classroom.

Activities & Resources

Every participating teacher receives a packet of activity cards, which can be used for a number of learning games or projects. These activities relate to the concepts students investigated at GMRI. Teachers also receive a take-home card detailing the many resources we’ve created or curated for their use. These resources include online games, our kid-friendly blog, science writing prompts, and more.

Professional Development

We also provide professional development for teachers who want to dive deeper into LabVenture!. These teachers learn about best practices in STEM teaching, explore cross-curricular opportunities, discover how LabVenture! is aligned with national learning standards, and network with other passionate educators. They become part of a larger community of teachers working with GMRI to inspire our next generation.

To learn more about LabVenture!’s long-term impact on learning, visit our most recent Impact Report. And, if you’d like to support these efforts, please make a donation to help us nurture science literacy among Maine’s students and teachers.