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Misunderstood Pollock Key to New England Seafood's FutureMay 9, 2016Press Clip

Associated Press: It might not be time yet to rechristen Cape Cod as Cape Pollock, but the humble fish is staking its claim.

The Atlantic pollock has long played a role in New England’s fishing industry as a cheaper alternative to cod and haddock, but the fish’s place in America’s oldest fishing industry is expanding as stocks like cod fade.

Helping Fishermen Catch What They Want, and Nothing ElseMay 2, 2016Press Clip

WCAI radio program, Living Laboratory: "Steve Eayrs, a research scientist at Gulf of Maine Research Institute, has worked with groundfishermen in Maine on similar efforts to reduce both by-catch (in this case, of other fish species) and fuel use.

Maine Lobstermen Bracing for Early SeasonApr 15, 2016Press Clip

MPBN: A warm winter has Maine’s lobster industry bracing for an early start to the spring molting season.

Scientists say it is likely to start earlier than the norm, but they don’t expect a repeat of the 2012 season, when a record glut of soft-shell lobster kept prices low and hurt lobstermen.

Dogfish for Dinner? Maine Sustainable Seafood Steps up to the PlateApr 11, 2016Press Clip

Now in its third year, the annual Gulf of Maine Seafood Celebration held at GMRI’s headquarters on the Portland waterfront honors these abundant, local fish that don’t leap to mind when you think omega-3s.

Warm Waters off Maine Point to Repeat of "Ocean Heat Wave"Mar 21, 2016Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: With the United States coming off the warmest winter on record, scientists are monitoring the Gulf of Maine for a possible repeat of an “ocean heat wave” four years ago that led to the destruction of clam populations, a colla

At College Campuses, It's Sustainable Seafood 101Mar 8, 2016Press Clip

Boston Globe:  At UMass Amherst’s Hampshire Dining Commons, one of many places to eat on campus, there is always a selection of seafood dishes for students to choose from. Recently, at lunchtime, Ronan Maza, a junior from New York City, opts for a plate of Ecuadoran-style redfish, or encebollado, a traditional fish stew with yuca, tomatoes, cilantro, and pickled onions.

4 Simple Steps You Can Take to Eat Sustainable SeafoodMar 8, 2016Press Clip

Boston Globe: Look for labels and information. The Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested label ( assures consumers that the seafood is traceable back to the Gulf of Maine, sustainable, and from well-managed (wild) fisheries.

Warm Ocean Could Mean Early Boom in 2016 Lobster CatchMar 4, 2016Press Clip

Associated Press: Maine's lobster catches will likely peak early this year, which could mean an abundance of cheap lobster for consumers and bad news for the state's signature industry, a group of scientists reported on Thursday.

At Annual Forum Fishermen Grapple with El Nino's Effect on LobsterMar 4, 2016Press Clip

Maine Public Broadcasting (MPBN): “With this El Nino, this crazy mild winter — let’s face it, we’re going to have some shedders, probably more of them and sooner than we want them, so the board felt it was extremely important that we as harvesters do everything we can to land the best produce that we can,” she said.

Climate Change Poses Threat to Fish Stocks, Study FindsFeb 11, 2016Press Clip

Boston Globe: Over the coming decades, dozens of marine species from the Carolinas to New England will be threatened by the warming, changing currents and the increased acidity expected to alter the region’s waters, according to a