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At Annual Forum Fishermen Grapple with El Nino's Effect on Lobster

Mar 4, 2016

Maine Public Broadcasting (MPBN): “With this El Nino, this crazy mild winter — let’s face it, we’re going to have some shedders, probably more of them and sooner than we want them, so the board felt it was extremely important that we as harvesters do everything we can to land the best produce that we can,” she said. “It’s a tricky product to work with, the price often doesn’t hold with it, so our job is to give the dealers as good a product as we can to work with to get through the supply chain.”

“What it means is we won’t have a home for that product in June,” said David Cousens, the president of the MLA.

Cousens says he has seen early seasons before that are preceded by marked warming water temperatures, which make the lobster want to move closer to shore. Water temperature are currently 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit higher than usual, according to scientists with the Portland-based Gulf of Maine Research Institute.