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As Climate Changes, Spring’s Early Arrival Alters Gulf of Maine Ecosystem

Nov 13, 2014

Portland Press Herald: Spring is arriving earlier than it used to in the Gulf of Maine, increasing average water temperatures and affecting the migratory patterns of fish species that are key to Maine’s marine ecosystem and coastal economy, according to a new federal report. 

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute, in research released earlier than the NOAA report, found that water temperatures in the gulf are rising faster than those in 99 percent of the world’s oceans.

“The idea that spring is starting earlier and fall is ending later is really important and certainly something we have seen here in Maine,” said Andrew Pershing, chief scientific officer at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, who was not directly involved in the NOAA study. “And it has a direct impact on the lobster fishery and the other fisheries we have here.”