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How Technological Innovation is Changing Fishing

Jul 15, 2013

WCAI Radio: Groundfish is New England’s most iconic fishery - cod, haddock, flounder. These days, they're mostly caught by trawl. But that wasn’t always the case. Over the past few hundred years, the cod fishery has gone through multiple technological revolutions – from the introduction of the dory to the highly controversial adoption of the otter trawl. Each new gear has been intended to make the fishery more efficient, but critics would argue they've just enabled overfishing. Now, Dr. Steve Eayrs of Gulf of Maine Research Institute, says technological innovation could reduce by-catch and increase fuel efficiency, making the fishery more sustainable - both economically and ecologically. But it's difficult to fund research and get fishermen to buy new equipment when they don't even know if they'll be fishing in six months time.