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Our View: Maine Fishermen Should Take Cue From Farmers' Success

May 28, 2014

Portland Press Herald: You can go to a farmers market and pick up a rump roast or pork loin straight from the local farm that raised the animal. At the same market, or at times in the produce aisle at a grocery store, you can pick up tomatoes and cucumbers, and know where they were picked within a few dozen acres.

But try to do the same with fresh Maine seafood, outside of the ubiquitous lobster, and you won’t have much luck. The locally caught seafood that makes it to market is often too far removed from the fishermen who hauled it in – they just aren’t able to sell their product in the same way that farmers can.

The best you’ll find is seafood tagged by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. That tag, which tells consumers that the product has been sustainably harvested from the Gulf of Maine, is a good step, and it stands out next to fish shipped from halfway around the world.