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Rising seas endanger Maine toxic waste sites, analysis warns

Dec 22, 2017

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute has compiled data and developed an online tool that shows how much of low-lying areas along the Maine coast will be flooded at certain heights of sea level rise.

The tool shows 1 meter of rise would flood some areas along the shipyard’s current shoreline — in particular along Decatur, Farragut and Goodrich avenues and John Paul Jones Street. It also shows that if the sea rises as much as 6 feet, which is roughly 1 foot higher than the top of the range considered by the AP analysis, the shipyard would be cut into two islands, roughly from the drydock between Farragut Avenue and John Paul Jones Street to the northeast. The western tip of the island around Decatur and Dewey avenues also would be fully submerged.

The GMRI visual tool does not show projected flood levels between 1 meter (3.3 feet) and 6 feet, or above 6 feet.