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Scientist Steve Eayrs knows how to build a better fish trap

Nov 19, 2017

We met Steve Eayrs at one of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Trawl to Table programs, a daylong crash course at the Portland nonprofit’s headquarters on how the seafood supply chain works. Eayrs, a research scientist at GMRI since 2007 who works in the area of fish behavior and gear technology, has designed some new spins on old gear, intended to make fishing more efficient and sustainable. His clear, no-nonsense explanation of everything from how the gear works to how data about fishing can be twisted into “doom and gloom” scenarios about the state of the world’s fisheries caught our attention. We called up the Australian native to learn more and managed to make only one cheesy reference to the land Down Under. (Sorry, make that two.)

Senior GMRI Scientists Involved in the Project: