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South Portland Considers Pier Upgrades in Hopes of Aquaculture Boom

Jan 30, 2017

Portland Press Herald: The long-neglected Portland Street Pier is due for major improvements that could make it a home base for burgeoning mussel- and oyster-farming operations. 

It’s not easy to find the Portland Street Pier, but it’s there, right off Front Street, wedged among the Sunset Marina, the Saltwater Grille restaurant and a couple of massive green fuel tanks owned by the Portland Pipe Line Corp.

There’s no sign trumpeting its location, even though it’s one of South Portland’s prime waterfront assets. The weathered gray structure at the edge of Portland Harbor is empty and icy quiet this time of year, when the docks have been pulled from the water and the nine lobstermen who use the facility from spring through fall keep their fishing boats elsewhere.