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Hannaford Begins Selling Redfish
Nov 26, 2014
Press Clip

Fish Information & Services: Acadian redfish made its debut at Hannaford supermarkets this summer, giving shoppers a new regional...

As Climate Changes, Spring’s Early Arrival Alters Gulf of Maine Ecosystem
Nov 13, 2014
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Portland Press Herald: Spring is arriving earlier than it used to in the Gulf of Maine, increasing average water temperatures and affecting...

Gulf of Maine Fishermen Face 6-Month Cod Ban
Nov 10, 2014
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Boston Globe: In an effort to halt dramatic declines in the cod population, federal officials overseeing the fishing industry on Monday...

Shrimp Depletion in Gulf of Maine Part of a Pattern Across the Globe
Nov 7, 2014
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Portland Press Herald: Marine scientists see the collapse of local shrimp stocks as part of a global pattern reflecting the impact of...

As Codfish Dwindle, Communities Need to Reboot
Oct 13, 2014
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Boston Globe: Fishermen are trying, with the aid of gear innovators, to come up with new nets and techniques to catch legal fish without...

Skate Rebounds to Good Rating for Sustainable Eating
Oct 12, 2014
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Portland Press Herald: According to James Benson, Sustainable Seafood Project manager at Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland,...

Cod Crisis: Iconic Species Faces an Uncertain Future
Oct 12, 2014
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Cape Cod Times: Our cod crisis has become a sad cliche, ironic enough to catch the eye of the national media, and the truth does indeed...

Fishery Regulators Call For Emergency Measures to Help Cod
Oct 2, 2014
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Portland Press Herald: Last year, the New England Fishery Management Council approved a 77 percent reduction in the catch limit for cod in...

Maine Voices: Rebuild Cod Stock With Low Quotas and Protection of Older, Larger Females
Sep 29, 2014
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Portland Press Herald: There is fresh news out of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration regarding the status of Gulf of Maine...

In Maine, Scientists See Signs of Climate Change
Sep 21, 2014
Press Clip

Boston Globe: Along the rocky coast of Georgetown, Maine, lobstermen are finding more black sea bass in their traps, spiny intruders that...

Warming Gulf of Maine Imperils Lobster, Fish Catch
Sep 3, 2014
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AP: Imagine Cape Cod without cod. Maine without lobster. The region's famous rocky beaches invisible, obscured by constant high waters. It'...

Maine Voices: Increased Fuel Efficiency Would Be Good Catch for Fishing Industry
Aug 11, 2014
Press Clip

Portland Press Herald:The Maine Department of Marine Resources has been holding public meetings this summer to hear ideas from fishermen...

Decline of Gulf of Maine Cod Leaves Regulators a Tough Task
Aug 6, 2014
Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: A regional fishery management council is preparing to take on the task of trying to reverse a nearly 99 percent...

As Jellyfish Come in Waves Off Maine Coast, Questions Follow
Jul 16, 2014
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Portland Press Herald: For weeks, Maine’s marine research centers have been flooded with questions about a seeming jellyfish invasion in...

Program Promotes Lesser-Known Fish, Aims to Help Fishermen
Jul 9, 2014
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WMTW: Commercial fishermen say rules and regulations to keep their industry sustainable make it tough to survive, but they lesser-known...