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Fishermen Team Up With Scientists To Make A More Selective Net
Dec 14, 2016
Press Clip

NPR: This summer [Ford] joined a net-maker and scientists at Portland's Gulf of Maine Research Institute to design a trawl net that targets...

Voices of the Gulf of Maine: The Oyster Farmer
Dec 13, 2016

Mook Sea Farm is an oyster farm founded in 1985 on the Damariscotta River in Midcoast Maine. There, owner and operator Bill Mook unites a...

Voices of the Gulf of Maine: The Weatherman
Nov 30, 2016

For meteorologist John Cannon, forecasting weather is both a passion and a profession — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. John describes...

Idea to Cut NASA's Role in Climate Science Could Be Major Loss for Maine, Scientists Say
Nov 28, 2016
Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: Andrew Pershing, chief science officer at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, took issue with Walker’s...

Trump Has Been Elected, so What's Next for Sustainability?
Nov 27, 2016
Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: GMRI is non-partisan. We believe policy discussions should be based on evidence, and in the case of climate change,...

New Type of Trawl Net Avoids Cod
Nov 15, 2016

After centuries of targeting Gulf of Maine cod, groundfish fishermen are now looking for ways to avoid catching it. For many fishermen,...

New Report Shows Promising Results for Electronic Monitoring Pilot
Nov 15, 2016

A team of staff and fishermen from GMRI, Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association, The Nature Conservancy, and Ecotrust Canada recently released...

Advancing Aquaculture: Our Role in an Emerging Industry
Nov 14, 2016

In recent years, GMRI has begun a new aquaculture program, focused on growing this emerging industry in the Gulf of Maine. Below, President...

Sound Technology Helping Scientists Assess Health of Maine Shrimp Population
Nov 10, 2016
Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: The Gulf of Maine Research Institute is helping to track where shrimp are so regulators can better manage the stock...

Climate Change and Policy: Statewide Races to Watch
Nov 7, 2016
Press Clip

Newsweek: Heat waves, more powerful storms, and rising seas are increasingly transforming Maine—effects that most climate scientists trace...

Consultant Sees Huge Growth Potential for Maine Aquaculture
Oct 27, 2016
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Portland Press Herald: Maine’s farmed oyster, mussel and scallop industries are poised to more than quadruple in value over 15 years,...

MREP Bridging Trust Gaps Between Fishermen, Scientists, and Regulators
Oct 26, 2016
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Seafood Source: Alexa Dayton and her staff, who support all of the MREP regional teams through the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, said...

New Report: Big Opportunity for Maine Aquaculture Industry
Oct 26, 2016
Press Release

PORTLAND, Maine — October 24, 2016 — A new report , prepared by The Hale Group at the direction of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s...

The Take: Warming Lessons From the Gulf of Maine
Oct 20, 2016
Press Clip

NECN: Andrew Pershing, Chief Scientific Officer at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, Maine, discusses how to live in a...

Voices of the Gulf of Maine: The Charter Boat
Oct 17, 2016

For charter boat captain Carle Hildreth, recreational fishing is serious business. As owner of No Slack! Sportfishing , Carle helps his...