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Data Resources for Recreational Boaters

Jun 1, 2011
Spring 2011

Boaters rely on a complex system of weather and water data coming from multiple sources at any given time. GMRI's Ocean Data Products team works behind the scenes to make this type of data accessible and easy to navigate. It requires an understanding of the science as well as a pulse on the needs of boaters.

After developing multiple web applications that provide ocean data in the Northeast, the team was selected by the Great Lakes Ocean Observing System to develop a new application for recreational boaters in the St. Lawrence River area of upstate New York. The first phase is now underway, with GMRI developing content and holding workshops at several locations along the St. Lawrence to assess the needs of the region's recreational boaters. Information of particular interest includes water level, weather and river conditions, amenities, and river access. The team is also gauging interest in real-time vs. forecast data, and the preferred mechanisms for delivery, such as website, email, or text.

GMRI will work with the Great Lakes Ocean Observing System, New York Sea Grant, NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab, and a team of boaters to test the product before launching it this fall.