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Has Your Dinner Menu included Gulf of Maine Redfish this Summer?

Aug 21, 2011
Summer 2011

Redfish is one of many species that are lesser known but abundant in the Gulf of Maine. The Gulf of Maine Research Institute is working with fishermen, distributors, chefs, and dining service providers to raise consumer awareness of and demand for redfish and other underutilized seafood species. Our initial focus is on Atlantic pollock, Atlantic mackerel, northern shrimp, whiting, and redfish. The project will be featured at the Seafood Splashdown at Portland's Harvest on the Harbor event in October. Participants will enjoy the five underutilized species prepared and served by chefs and local fishermen.

Rob Odlin, a Portland fisherman who is working on the project, said: "There are a wide variety of edible species in the Gulf of Maine and they make up some incredible table fare. They are in high seasonal abundance and should be bought from local fishermen."

Mitchell Kaldrovich, Executive Chef at Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea, commented: "Great food that has a great story always tastes better. Letting our guests know we are making an effort to add underutilized seafood to our menus after working with GMRI and local fishermen really adds value to their meal. As a chef who tries to offer a farm to fork dining experience and celebrate all things Maine, I appreciate the help and direction from GMRI."