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Maine Teachers Learn with GMRI

Dec 30, 2015
Winter 2015

This year, our Education team engaged Maine teachers with new opportunities to bring authentic science experiences to their students. Many of these teachers visited us in-person to dive deeper into our programs. Additionally, we began to work with teachers remotely – offering online modules, courses, and office hours.

Vital Signs offered teachers two field days and three different opportunities for online workshops. These events not only engaged new teachers, but provided new professional development opportunities for even our most seasoned educators.

This summer, LabVenture! offered a two-day workshop focused on extending the program into the classroom. Teachers learned more about the program and available resources, and worked in teams to develop implementation plans for their classrooms.

“As always, the staff at GMRI is helpful, friendly and knowledgeable,” said one teacher. “I can only wish that every conference or workshop I attended was like this.”

We are lucky to work with educators who value authentic science investigations for their students. Collaborating with these teachers continues to breathe new life into our programs. 

Learn more about online workshops by watching this interview with Vital Signs program manager, Christine Voyer.