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PowerHouse Wins Education Award

Jul 6, 2015
Summer 2015

In June, the GMRI education team accepted the 2015 Smart Grid Customer Education Award. Presented to Central Maine Power Company (CMP) and GMRI jointly, the national award recognizes the organizations’ exemplary work connecting students to their home electricity data through GMRI’s PowerHouse program.

PowerHouse augments existing smart meter technology to provide students with personally-relevant electricity data. Access to the data helps students understand home energy usage while enriching their math and science learning.

"We are proud to partner with GMRI, and are happy to see the deployment of smart meters and other new technology is already driving development of some true innovation,” said Jayme Holland of CMP. “As these students, their families, and customers gain better understanding of their energy use, they can weigh the costs and benefits of energy improvements they might be considering.”

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