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GEARNET: Some Promising Results and Still Accepting Proposals

Jan 5, 2012
Winter 2012

Shelly Tallack, Principal Investigator for the Northeast Groundfish Gear Conservation Engineering and Demonstration Network (GEARNET), recently collaborated with fisherman Carl Bouchard (F/V Stormy Weather) to test a net specifically designed to avoid cod while catching flounder. Carl developed and designed the original idea for a topless flounder net with the help of Trawlworks Inc., and then carried out field trials with GMRI during May and June 2011. So far, results look promising and suggest notable improvement in cod selectivity and increased flounder yields, as compared to traditional trawl nets. A full report will be available online in late February 2012.

Three more projects have recently completed field trials and data analyses are currently underway. An additional six projects are scheduled for completion in early to mid 2012. 

GEARNET is still accepting gear-related proposals from the following three sectors: Sustainable Harvest Sector, Tri-State Sector, and NEFS 13. 

For more information:

Contact Shelly Tallack at or (207) 228-1639

Visit the GEARNET website

GEARNET Fishermen's Forum Poster (PDF)