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Program Leadership

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As a fundamentally collaborative effort, the program in each region is guided by the MREP Caribbean steering committee, consisting of members from across the fishery community, scientists, managers, and educators. MREP Caribbean is administered by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and delivered by the program planning team, which handles all aspects of program design and communications.

  • Alida Ortiz, CFMC/OEAP
  • Carlos J. Velazquez, Commercial Fisher, East Coast PR
  • Carmen Rivera, Recreational Fisher
  • Helena AntounLocal Coordinator
  • Luis Andres de Jesus, CPCB, Sunbay Fajardo
  • Manuel Valdes Pizzini, Sea Grant, CIEL
  • Marcos Hanke, Charter Captain
  • Maria Roman, Commercial Fisher
  • Miguel A. Cedeño, Recreational Fisher
  • Miguel Lugo Ascorbe, NOAA
  • Raimundo Espinoza, TNC
  • Roberto Reyes, Charter, Apnea
  • Roberto Silva, Commercial Fisher
  • Rodolfo Abrams, Commercial Fisher, North Coast PR
  • Ruperto Chaparro, Sea Grant