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Science Education

The world our young people are growing up in is changing more rapidly than ever before. We provide free, immersive, and authentic science education experiences that develop the universal skills needed for active citizenship and rewarding careers. No matter what path students eventually take, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration will be essential to their success.



Each year, we bring about 10,000 5th and 6th graders from across the state to conduct their own hands-on research in our state-of-the-art learning laboratory. Students take on the roles of scientists and fishermen to discover the complex connections among cod, lobster, herring, and humans in the Gulf of Maine ecosystem.


Our newest education program, PowerHouse, takes climate change out of students’ textbooks and onto their kitchen tables. They learn to collect and analyze data about their families' electricity usage, make evidence-based decisions, and gain a meaningful voice in family discussions about energy use at home.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs unites Maine students, citizen scientists, and species experts in the effort to track and understand invasive species. Participants explore local habitats, collect evidence, and share their observations via the Vital Signs website.