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Overview of Our Research
New White Paper

White paper cod

Download our new white paper, "The Future of Cod in the Gulf of Maine," in which we examine the challenges and opportunities for the struggling fishery.

Monkfish Tagging Video

Discover our EMLab.

Seascape Modeling


Fishermen, conservation groups, and policymakers count on the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) to provide timely, objective scientific and economic advice about what is happening in the Gulf of Maine bioregion. The more we know about critical species, essential habitats, and fundamental ecosystem functions, the better decisions we can make about how to steward, use, and enjoy this global treasure - now and in the future.

Our science team is distinguished by two core values. The first is our unique capacity to synthesize multiple disciplines - ecology, oceanography, systems modeling, resource economics, and fishing gear technology - to explain why changes may be occurring and what to expect in the future.

The second is our inclusive approach. We work in collaboration with fishermen to target critical information gaps that must be addressed in order to improve the region's fishery management system. With our partner, the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences, we are active in the region through NOAA's Cooperative Institute for the North Atlantic Region. We also partner with the Maine Department of Marine Resources and the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences through additional associations: