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Endowment Information

As of 6/30/2018, GMRI had the following investment funds:

  • Reserve Fund of  approximately $718,611
  • TD Endowment Fund of $4,609,382

All but $721,634 of the Endowment funds are board-designated funds. $721,634 are permanently restricted endowments. All funds are invested and spent in accordance with our Investment Policy.

GMRI has a 100% beneficial interest of $2,157,471 in the Science Literacy for Maine Funds held at the Maine Community Foundation.
These are considered permanently restricted and are managed by the Maine Community Foundation.

Our Investment Committee members are:

  • Marion Freeman, Ph.D.
  • Lisa Hook
  • Samuel A. Ladd III, Chair
  • Matt O’Reilly
  • J.B. Sullivan

Investment Policy (PDF)

GMRI 990s

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) is committed to operating in an open and transparent manner. We welcome any questions about the information contained within these IRS filings.

GMRI's 2014 990 (PDF)


GMPinc's 2014 990 (PDF)


GMRI's 2015 990 (PDF)


GMPinc's 2015 990 (PDF)


GMRI's 2016 990 (PDF)


GMPinc's 2016 990 (PDF)


GMRI's 2017 990 (PDF)


GMPinc's 2017 990 (PDF)


GMRI's 2018 990 (PDF)


GMPinc's 2018 990 (PDF)


GMRI's 2019 990 (PDF)


GMPinc's 2019 990 (PDF)


GMRI has a wholly owned subsidiary, Gulf of Maine Properties Inc. (GMPinc), which owns and operates our facilities.

Other Documentation  

Record Retention Policy (PDF)

Whistleblower Policy (PDF)