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What is your mission?

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute pioneers collaborative solutions to global ocean challenges.

How many people work at GMRI?

We have over 60 staff members.

What do you do?

GMRI solves tough problems within two complex systems — marine resources and science education — that have an enormous impact on the sustainability of New England communities. We provide objective scientific and technical advice to help fishermen and resource managers make informed decisions about the trade-offs among a myriad of ocean stewardship and use options. We nurture the capacity of marine businesses to innovate and compete. We give Maine students access to world-class science learning opportunities and support their teachers with professional development and curriculum resources.

Are you an aquarium?

No. Our primary services include scientific research, technical assistance for the region’s fishing industry, resource managers, and seafood businesses, and structured education programs for middle school students and their teachers. We do not maintain any public aquarium exhibits.

What happened to the aquarium plan?

GMRI evolved to meet changing needs within the Gulf of Maine community. When we built our lab nearly a decade ago, it was in direct response to escalating demand for marine research capacity and services that would increase collaboration among a fragmented marine community. We also saw an incredible opportunity to create a highly interactive and technology-rich learning environment to engage Maine students with science.

Are you open to the public?

There are currently no regular hours when GMRI is open for public visits.

We do offer an evening lecture series that is open to the public free of charge. Lectures take place once a month and provide a wonderful opportunity for interested community members to keep abreast of what’s happening in the Gulf of Maine community. We also periodically invite our extended community of friends and supporters to join us for special events in the lab. To get on our mailing list, please see the sidebar on this page to subscribe, or contact our development office at (207) 228-1699.

How are you funded?

GMRI’s funding comes from a variety of sources. Charitable donations sustain our core mission and increase our impact, while state, federal, and foundation grants support specific project deliverables.

What is GMRI’s annual budget?

GMRI’s annual budget is approximately $10 million.

Is GMRI affiliated with any other organizations?

GMRI is an independent organization, but we collaborate often within a growing network of science, fishery, and education partners that complement and extend our capacity. For example, two of the scientists working in our lab are joint appointments with the University of Maine. We are one of five science organizations that have come together to form the Cooperative Institute of the North Atlantic Region. We are also delighted to have several organizations join us as tenants and partners in our lab.