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Ocean Ecosystem Modeling Technician

List Date: 
Monday, June 20, 2016
Close Date: 
Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Supervisor: Chief Scientific Officer


The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) has emerged as a catalyst for solutions to complex challenges at the nexus of Maine’s marine ecosystem and our economy. GMRI is widely respected as one of the top marine research institutions in the Northeast. Our fusion of science, education, and community gives us range to effect change from multiple directions. Our objectivity and commitment to collaboration make us the go-to organization for communities grappling with contentious political issues and new business systems. We are making a long-term investment in science literacy as a cornerstone of a 21st century economy by providing programs to ignite the curiosity, ambition, innovation, and problem-solving potential of Maine’s next generation.

Position Description

The Ecosystem Modeling Lab at GMRI is seeking a high-level technician to assist with preparation of manuscripts about climate impacts on the Gulf of Maine. The technician will be responsible for carrying out independent research, from analysis through preparation of manuscripts, and will focus on two studies.  The first study involves synthesizing information on the impact of changes in phenology (timing) on the Gulf of Maine ecosystem.  The second involves understanding how the Gulf of Maine size spectrum has changed through time in response to both warming and fishing.  Both studies involve working in collaboration with a team of other scientists, including several outside GMRI.  The technician is expected to play an active role in coordinating these teams.  Key duties include:

  • Analyze long time series of plankton abundance for phonologic change and changes in size structure
  • Produce presentation-quality visualizations of patterns in the data
  • Collaborate with other scientists to interpret the results, placing them in the context of other parts of the ecosystem
  • Contribute to relevant manuscripts, including writing and literature review
  • Other related work, for example, contributing to proposals that build on these studies.


The technician must have significant experience in scientific research comparable to a Ph. D. and demonstrated knowledge in the topics being studied.  The position is part-time and is expected to last for three months.


To submit your resume and cover letter click here. You will be navigating away from this website. Questions should be emailed to Please note we will not accept resumes sent to this email address. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Deadline: This position is open until filled and applications will be considered as they are received.

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