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Andrew Pershing, Ph.D.

Andy took over as GMRI's Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) in 2014 and runs the Climate Change Ecology Lab. Prior to becoming CSO, Andy was a faculty member in the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences but was based at GMRI. His research focuses on the causes and consequences of changing conditions in the Gulf of Maine, and he is an expert on how climate variability and climate change impact the ecosystems in the northwest Atlantic. He uses a variety of techniques, including analysis of past changes in the physical and ecological conditions, as well as advanced mathematical and computer models of how marine populations change through time. Andy has worked primarily on zooplankton, especially rice grain-sized crustaceans called copepods, but he has also studied lobsters, herring, cod, salmon, bluefin tuna, and right whales. He is actively involved in regional efforts to understand and adapt to climate change and was the lead author for the “Oceans and Marine Resources” chapter of the 4th US National Climate Assessment.

Primary Research Interests

Climate variability and change, ecosystem modeling, dynamics of coupled natural and human systems


  • Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University
  • Sc. B., Aquatic Biology, Brown University

Service to Science and Community

  • Member of the Maine Climate Council and Scientific and Technical Subcommittee
  • Scientific advisor to NOAAs North Atlantic Regional Climate Team
  • Member of the Council of Fellows and Executive Board of the Cooperative Institute for the North Atlantic Region (CINAR)

GMRI representative to the following organizations

  • Regional Association for Research in the Gulf of Maine (RARGOM)