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Snap-a-Striper Program
Ecosystem Monitoring
What: Snap-a-Striper is a data collection program aimed at 1) compiling photos of live release and legal keeper striped bass caught in Maine waters and 2)...
Casco Bay Aquatic System Survey
Ecosystem Monitoring
The Gulf of Maine has experienced fundamental changes over the last 40 years. The coastal region has seen dramatic declines in groundfish, an explosion of...
Assessing Herring Bait Availability in Inshore Maine Waters
Fisheries Ecology
Atlantic herring ( Clupea harengus ) are an important prey species for a range of predators in the Gulf of Maine including marine mammals, seabirds and...
Ecological Diversity of Cod in the Gulf of Maine and its Role in Resiliency of a Fishery
Fisheries Ecology
Cod is an iconic species in New England and historically was one of the most economically and socially important fish in the North Atlantic for commercial and...