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Stock Gifts & Transfers

A gift of stock, bonds, or mutual fund shares could have greater tax benefit to you than a gift of cash. Stock gifts are tax deductible at the market value on the day of the gift. If the stock is given directly to GMRI, any appreciation during the term that you held the stock is not subject to capital gains tax.

We would be pleased to help you make a gift of stock to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. GMRI staff can work with you or your brokerage firm to make the necessary arrangements.

Delivery Instructions for Stock Gifts to GMRI:

Step 1: Before transferring your gift, please have your financial broker contact Jeremiah S. Burns, Jr. at (207) 871-7373 at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management to alert them about your incoming stock transfer.

Step 2: Please notify GMRI's development office that you will be making a gift. You can speak with Blaine Grimes at (207) 228-1655 or Brian Hallisey at (207) 228-1638.

Step 3: Please have your financial advisor use the following delivery instructions when transferring your stock gift. We will notify you as soon as we receive your gift.

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management DTC # 0015

Gulf of Maine Research Institute Account # 606-126-823

If we can assist you with a stock donation, please contact Maggie Roudsari, Chief Development Officer at or (207) 228-1626.