Ash Protection Community Science Challenge

3:30 PM–4:30 PM | Online | Public

Join the effort to protect ash trees in the Northeast

Ash Protection Community Science Challenge

Ash trees, specifically brown ash, are an important cultural species for Wabanaki communities and critical to wetlands in the Northeast. The emerald ash borer is an invasive pest targeting ash trees causing devastation to forests. Sign up for the Ash Protection Challenge this fall to contribute critical data on ash trees in your area to the Ash Protection Collaboration Across Wabanakik (APCAW).

The Ash Protection Challenge will kick off with a virtual meeting with UMaine APCAW researcher Ella McDonald and Maine state horticulturalist Gary Fish. During this challenge, students will build background knowledge in ash forest ecosystems and cultural importance and head out into the field to collect data. The challenge will wrap up with a virtual gathering in which students and lead scientists will share observations and questions from their work. Students that are not able to join the live sessions may contribute questions, comments, or video clips ahead of time to be shared with the community.

Support for educators in the Ash Protection Challenge include:

  • Virtual educator information session to discuss the research project, how students can get involved, and resources to support educators. Watch the recording here.
  • In-person field-work training at different locations across Maine
  • Ready to use, NGSS-aligned classroom resources, including class slides, videos, games, identification materials
  • Ongoing support from the project team

Benefits to students include:

  • Connections to professional scientists and a network of peers involved in Ash Protection
  • Experience with fieldwork (aka fun exploring the forest!)
  • An authentic context for building STEM practices, ecosystem knowledge, and understanding of localized impacts of climate change
  • Experience contributing significant data to an ongoing research project

Contact Abigail, [email protected] with any questions.