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Exempted Fishing Permit Information Session

6:00 pm

Learn more about the Exempted Fishing Permit (EFP) process and get the latest update on ongoing Closed Area EFPs.

An EFP is a permit issued by the Greater Atlantic Regional Office that authorizes a fishing vessel of the United States to conduct fishing activities that would be otherwise prohibited under the regulations at 50 CFR part 648 or part 697. Generally, EFPs are issued for activities in support of fisheries-­‐related research, including seafood product development and/or market research, compensation fishing, and the collection of fish for public display. Anyone that intends to engage in an activity that does not meet the definition of scientific research but that would be otherwise prohibited under these regulations is required to obtain an EFP prior to commencing the activity.

Meeting Agenda:

Pizza and drinks will be provided at the start of the meeting

6:00 – Introduction & agenda overview (Mark Grant, GARFO & Jessica Joyce, GMRI)

6:10 – Update on current groundfish EFPs in closed areas and Q & A (Brett Alger, GARFO) 

6:35 – EFP experience from the industry (TBD)

6:45 – EFP 101: what is an EFP, how to apply, etc. and Q & A (Ryan Silva, GARFO) 

7:15 – Update from Council on the Research Steering Committee process (Council staff)

7:30 – Dessert and general discussion