Trawl to Table Series: Tuna School

8:30 AM–12:30 PM | The Exchange Conference Center | Private

Learn how and why to source more local bluefin tuna and hear from experts in the industry like fishermen, processors, chefs, and scientists.

Trawl to Table Series: Tuna School

Join the Gulf of Maine Research Institute for this in-person workshop to learn what makes local bluefin tuna a responsible choice. This event is for restaurants and retailers that currently source tuna or would like to start and will cover topics including sustainability, fisheries management, changes in international and local markets, and challenges around sourcing local tuna.

This event will feature:

  • Hands-on cutting demonstration of a whole bluefin
  • Current tuna research from GMRI scientists
  • Local tuna fishermen and processors sharing opportunities and challenges
  • Efforts underway to improve the quality of local tuna
  • How to talk to customers concerned about bluefin's sustainability