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Meaningful Moments from LabVenture!

Jan 16, 2017
Cultivating Science Literacy

This fall, GMRI welcomed four new Fellows to LabVenture!.

These new team members lead the experience and support students as they investigate the complex interactions between lobsters, cod, copepods, herring, and humans.

We recently asked them to reflect on their first few months in the lab and share the interactions they’ve found most powerful so far. 

1. What about Fred?

I had just written a blog post about a seagull named Fred. I was pretty proud of it, but I was also wondering if any of the kids actually read our posts. A couple days later, a class from Stonington came into LabVenture!. Before the visit started, we asked the kids what questions they had about the Gulf of Maine. One girl, who was hopping with excitement, threw her hand in the air and burst out, 'What about Fred the Seagull!?' It made me so happy to hear that someone had read my post. It also made me feel more confident that students were interacting and getting excited about LabVenture! outside of GMRI."

— Julia Maine

 2. Passion for Plankton

 3. Asking Questions, Diving Deeper

I think my favorite part is when a student really connects with one aspect or question of the LabVenture! program. For example, last week a student asked a question about the type of plankton that was in her sample, and then she continued to delve deeper rather than just accepting the answer I gave her. It shows that the program has even more to offer than the amazing technology available to students; it leads students to ask questions and to get excited about what they’re learning. I love being able to see that and to help encourage that excitement!" 

— Alison Feibel


 4. Ending on the Right Note


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