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5 Steps to Support Local Seafood
Jun 7, 2020
As the coronavirus pandemic has spread across the world, our country, and now New England, it has left no part of the economy untouched...
For Rural Teachers, Nothing New About Physical Distance
Apr 9, 2020
For nearly 20 years, our education team has helped Maine teachers bring authentic science experiences to their classrooms. This week,...
President/CEO Don Perkins: Supporting Our Community
Mar 20, 2020
Dear Friends of GMRI, What a week. In the face of a global pandemic, I’ve been equally shocked by the escalating impact and inspired by the...
Gulf of Maine Temperature Update: Normal Is the New Cold
Sep 19, 2019
Around this time each year, our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Andrew Pershing, likes to share an update about conditions in the Gulf of...
Gulf of Maine, Explained: Bluefin Tuna
Jan 25, 2019
Dr. Walt Golet studies the populations and life histories of many species of fish, but if you ask him, he'll tell you bluefin tuna are...
Gulf of Maine, Explained: Ecosystem Modeling
Jul 31, 2018
We all feel the changes technology has made in our daily lives. As interoffice memos have become emails, calls have become texts, and...
Teacher Tales: How Ms. Flick Extends LabVenture in the Classroom
Jul 25, 2018
For over a decade, 5th and 6th graders from all corners of Maine have come to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute for our LabVenture...
Gulf of Maine, Explained: Fisheries Acoustics
May 30, 2018
In the vast depths of the Gulf of Maine, concentrated patches of organisms punctuate long empty stretches. This can create some challenges...
Calling All Anglers: Another Year of Striper Science
May 17, 2018
It’s the middle of May in Maine, which means local anglers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of striped bass in our coastal waters. Stripers...
5 Reasons to Eat Gulf of Maine Seafood
Apr 20, 2018
The clean waters of the Gulf of Maine produce an assortment of delicious, fresh seafood options. Seafood from our region is known around...
Gulf of Maine, Explained: Sea Level Rise
Mar 20, 2018
The Gulf of Maine occupies only a small corner of the global ocean, but it is a microcosm for changes, challenges, and opportunities...
Gulf of Maine, Explained: The Warming Gulf of Maine
Feb 14, 2018
What was once a startling observation among our team of ecosystem modelers is now common knowledge: over the course of a decade, the Gulf...
Gulf of Maine, Explained: Otoliths
Sep 28, 2017
As you scroll through your social media feeds, you’ll see all kinds of information — often too much — about your friends. Imagine if the...
Gulf of Maine, Explained: Eating Sustainably
Aug 21, 2017
Eating sustainably can feel difficult — especially when it comes to seafood. Every day, consumers face tough choices in the grocery store...
Gulf of Maine, Explained: Anadromous Fish
Jul 31, 2017
The alewife run is one of the Gulf of Maine’s most awe-inspiring seasonal events. Every year, our rivers pulse and shimmer from bank to...