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Breaking New Ground: Twenty residential and commercial architecture projects that push the limits of design

Dec 1, 2018

Maine Home + Design: For over a decade, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) has pro- vided middle schoolers with a hands on, immersive science education experience through their LabVenture program. In 2018 GMRI’s Cohen Center reopened to support a new stream of NASA-funded content. The new lab includes tiered plat- forms with new “multitouch” tables that enable richer student collaboration by ensuring that every student can engage actively with the experience. Behind the scenes, a completely renovated technical back end allows the LabVenture team to project NASA satellite data as well as local fishery data onto the tables and the projection wall. LabVenture exposes young Mainers to authentic science tools and methods of inquiry that are far beyond the reach of most classrooms. Students work in teams to gather evidence about the Gulf of Maine through hands-on and high-tech research.