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'We live in a lobstocracy': Maine town is feeling the effects of climate change
Dec 8, 2018
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The Guardian: Andrew Pershing, chief scientific officer at GMRI, says it is tempting to think that lobster populations are migrating with...

Gulf of Maine’s 3rd-warmest year on record harms puffins, turtles and kelp
Dec 6, 2018
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Portland Press Herald: Surface temperatures in 2018 are running 2.8 degrees Fahrenheit above normal, a level exceeded only in 2012 and 2016...

Amid Dire Climate Change News, Mainers Are Looking To Lower Their Carbon Footprints
Dec 2, 2018
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Maine Public: "For me the big take-home was that climate change is just everywhere,” says Andy Pershing, the chief scientific officer at...

Breaking New Ground: Twenty residential and commercial architecture projects that push the limits of design
Dec 1, 2018
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Maine Home + Design: For over a decade, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) has pro- vided middle schoolers with a hands on,...

Six ways climate change is hitting the U.S.
Nov 28, 2018
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NBC News: The concern in Maine is that continued warming could drive lobster out of the area, just as warmer water did in Massachusetts and...

Andrew Pershing talks about climate report
Nov 26, 2018
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News Center Maine [Video]:

Good Luck Finding Maine Shrimp This Winter
Nov 25, 2018
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Food & Wine: As Portland, Maine’s Press Herald reported last year, waters in the Gulf of Maine are warming faster than 99 percent of...

Changing climate to put further pressure on New England, federal report predicts
Nov 23, 2018
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Portland Press Herald: Andrew Pershing, chief scientific officer at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and the lead author of the report’...

Why Is the Gulf of Maine Warming Faster Than 99% of the Ocean?
Nov 12, 2018
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EOS: These turtles—in last month’s case, Kemp’s ridley sea turtles—venture into the Gulf of Maine during warm months, but they can become...

Vital to the region’s waters, kelp suffers as the Gulf of Maine warms
Nov 11, 2018
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The Boston Globe: In the past 15 years, average sea surface temperatures in the gulf warmed more than seven times the global average,...

Growing Concern For Maine’s Lobsters As Coastal Waters Heat Up | NBC Nightly News
Nov 10, 2018
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NBC News [Video]:

Even Lobsters Can’t Escape Trump’s Trade War
Nov 7, 2018
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Bloomburg Businessweek: The latter influence, scientists say, appears to have played a major role. According to Andrew Pershing, chief...

Puffins: Harbingers of Climate Change
Nov 5, 2018
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The American Prospect: Andrew Pershing, chief scientific officer at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, which found that the 2018 waters...

Maine Points: The Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Oct 14, 2018
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Newsradio WGAN [Audio]: Leigh Peake and Meredyth Eufemia Sullivan talk about LabVenture and how it fits in with the rest of our work here...

VERIFY: Claims made at Maine's Gubernatorial Debate
Oct 8, 2018
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News Center Maine: To verify, our source is Dr. Andrew Pershing, Chief Scientific Officer at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. "The...