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Fisheries and Climate Change: What's Going On in New England?Aug 27, 2018Press Clip

WCAI: “You have to really put lobster in Maine and New Hampshire and north-of-Cape-Cod in the winner category, where the warming over the last 30 years has been a real boon to that population and it's helped them achieve the record catches that people in Maine have had over the last three or four years,” Pershing said.

Can dogfish save Cape Cod fisheries?Aug 20, 2018Press Clip

The Christian Science Monitor: “It’s just the classic supply-demand situation where they don’t yet get paid much more per pound,” says Jen Levin, manager of the Sustainable Seafood Program at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, who has done research on the marketability of dogfish in New England.

Discussing the increase in ocean levelsAug 16, 2018Press Clip

Seacoast Online: The program began with a presentation from Gayle Bowness, the Science Education Program Manager at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) in Portland.

Demand for Maine oysters continues to skyrocketAug 15, 2018Press Clip

National Fisherman: Demand for oysters is expected to continue its rise, outpacing the state’s supply through 2026, according to a report delivered to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Aquaculture Program by an outside consulting firm.


Bates: Among those waiting at the marina were Michaela Pinette ’19, a summer intern at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, and her GMRI research supervisor, Walt Golet, ready to help with the weighing and, later, to commandeer the fish’s head and stomach for research.

Scientists struggle to measure change in the natural worldAug 5, 2018Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: Lisa Kerr, a fisheries ecologist at Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) in Portland, acknowledges how hard it can be for marine researchers to find appropriate reference points against which to measure change in fish stocks. Fisheries managers, she says, typically rely on data from 1980 onward.

Multi-million dollar renovation underway at Gulf of Maine Research InstituteJul 31, 2018Press Clip

News Center Maine [Video]: "The science that kids work on is the science that our own scientists are doing here at GMRI," said Leigh Peake, chief education officer at Gulf of Maine Research Institute. "So they're working on questions that haven't been answered yet."

From tree spotters to beach brigades: a golden age of citizen scienceJul 19, 2018Press Clip

Christian Science Monitor: “Global climate change seems overwhelming and impossible… But if I’m doing something and contributing to knowledge, it is an action we can take against some monumental problems that don’t have easy solutions,” says Sarah Kirn, education programs strategist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and board member of the Citizen Science Association.

Funding anchors Portland’s Gulf of Maine Research InstituteJul 17, 2018Press Clip

The Forecaster: With the completion of a nearly $23 million capital campaign, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute is confident it has secured its long-term viability.

Those lobster license plates are supporting $340,000 in research on vital industryJul 17, 2018Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: The state will award $80,000 to Kathy Mills and Andrew Pershing of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute to identify indicators that show how lobster habitat and the Gulf of Maine ecosystem are changing spatially and over time, and evaluate how the indicators may affect lobster populations.