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Recent Press

Our View: Maine Fishermen Should Take Cue From Farmers' SuccessMay 28, 2014Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: You can go to a farmers market and pick up a rump roast or pork loin straight from the local farm that raised the animal. At the same market, or at times in the produce aisle at a grocery store, you can pick up tomatoes and cucumbers, and know where they were picked within a few dozen acres.

Securing the Sustainability of the Unregulated Jonah Crab FisheryMay 22, 2014Press Clip

The Fish Site: Market demand for the Jonah crab has more than quadrupled during the last 20 years, but the fishery still lacks a management plan to monitor and protect it from overfishing.

Group to Ask US For More Jonah Crab ProtectionMay 13, 2014Press Clip A collaborative based in New England is heading to Washington to lobby the United States government for more regulations to protect Jonah crab.

Maine Researchers Vie For NASA Funding to Track Gulf of Maine SpeciesApr 7, 2014Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: A research proposal from Maine chosen to compete for NASA funding aims to predict the movements of key species in the Gulf of Maine and provide seasonal forecasts for the lobster industry.

As The Ocean Gets Warmer, Are the Lobsters Heading To Cooler Northeast WatersMar 2, 2014Press Clip

Bangor Daily News: Jonathan Labaree of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, shared some information about how the 2012 ocean heat wave affected the state.

Climate Change Impacts Ripple Through Fishing IndustryJan 30, 2014Press Clip

Huffington Post: "Down the hall from Runge's office at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Andrew Pershing, an ocean ecosystem modeler, has been enthusiastically documenting historically high ocean temperatures in the area and what he calls the "phenomenal weirdness" unfolding in the Gulf of Maine."

Chefs, Ocean Researchers Team Up To Hook Diners on ‘Underutilized’ Gulf Of Maine Fish SpeciesAug 31, 2013Press Clip

Bangor Daily News: This year, the commercial cod quota in the Gulf of Maine, which includes Massachusetts and New Hampshire, is 78 percent lower than last year. The term “overfishing” gets bandied about, but the culprit is as vast as the Atlantic, says Jen Levin, sustainable seafood program manager for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.

Chefs, Ocean Researchers Team Up to Hook Diners on ‘Underutilized’ Gulf of Maine Fish SpeciesAug 13, 2013Press Clip

Bangor Daily News: In February, GMRI launched a culinary partnership with Sea Glass and several Portland eateries such as Local 188 and Five Fifty-Five as well as The Jordan Pond House Restaurant on Mount Desert Island.

How Technological Innovation is Changing FishingJul 15, 2013Press Clip

WCAI Radio: Groundfish is New England’s most iconic fishery - cod, haddock, flounder. These days, they're mostly caught by trawl. But that wasn’t always the case. Over the past few hundred years, the cod fishery has gone through multiple technological revolutions – from the introduction of the dory to the highly controversial adoption of the otter trawl.

Sounding the SOS (Save Our Seafood)Apr 17, 2013Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: The owners of Five Fifty-Five in Portland have worked with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute for a couple of years now.

Steve and Michelle Corry participated in GMRI’s Out of the Blue program last year, making it a point to place under-used fish from the Gulf of Maine on their menu to give overfished species a break.