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Climate change will hit New England hard, report saysAug 9, 2017Press Clip

“The big story here is that the changes are real, they’re easy to document in the data, and we’re clearly seeing that global climate change is having an impact on our area,” said Andy Pershing, chief scientific officer of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, who was not involved in drafting the report. “Every year, the signal just becomes clearer and clearer.”

New Study Puts Hard Numbers on Impacts of Bottom TrawlingJul 24, 2017Press Clip

The new study also looked at how long it takes for ecosystems to recover from trawling impacts, and found that it ranged between just shy of two years and six and a half years. Of course, there are areas of the Gulf of Maine that get trawled day after day.

For Mr. and Mrs. Fish, it’s time for a sea changeJul 22, 2017Press Clip

Jeff and Deb met in Portland in their 20s when they were both involved in what became the Gulf of Maine Research Institute on Commercial Street. They wanted to teach children about the ocean, and in 1978, they began to host school groups in a classroom at Southern Maine Community College.

Local mussels return to menuJul 20, 2017Press Clip

Gary Moretti, owner of the company, said it was the longest red tide closure he could recall.

With diners prizing Maine oysters, farming them booms along coastJul 18, 2017Press Clip

National oyster demand is expected to outpace supply for the next three to five years and remain strong for at least the next 15 years, according to a 2016 market report on Maine shellfish produced by the Hale Group, a research organization in Danvers, Massachusetts, for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.

NOAA Grant Would Fund Study of Tuna, Lobster, Climate changeJun 12, 2017Press Clip

Another grant of nearly $290,000 would go to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute to address the issue of "choke species'' in the era of climate change. Choke species are fish with small quotas for commercial fishermen. Catching too many of them can force fishermen to shut down operations.

Class of 2017: South Portland twin sisters ‘motivate each other’Jun 7, 2017Press Clip

Ellen is the valedictorian of the Class of 2017, while Julia is not far behind, ranked fifth in their class. She was a Maine Research intern and worked for a summer at the Gulf of Maine Research Center in Portland.

What rising sea levels mean for The Gulf of MaineJun 5, 2017Press Clip

Part of the mission of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland is to help people understand and adapt to the changing climate and ocean. Gayle Bowness, who works at the GMRI, has been working with the cities of Portland and South Portland, trying to give them a better sense of what's happening and how they respond.

New trail reveals one of the ‘best spots’ to watch alewives in MaineJun 2, 2017Press Clip

“The adults will be in the lake for a few weeks, spawning, and they’ll come back down the river and go out to the ocean to feed,” said Gulf of Maine Research Institute staffer Zachary Whitener, who was collecting 25 fish from the pool on Wednesday to help study the health of the population.

Maine environmental advocates warn of ‘crippling’ cuts in Trump budgetMay 24, 2017Press Clip

All of these cuts had been proposed in earlier versions of the president’s budget, but the final document released Wednesday also includes a 10 percent cut to the National Science Foundation, the primary source of basic research funding outside the biomedical field.