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Recent Press

Maine Shellfish On the Brink of A Culinary BoomMay 3, 2017Press Clip

WMTW: (video) Opportunities for Aquaculture in South Portland

Seafood celebration at the Gulf of Maine Research InstituteApr 27, 2017Press Clip

WCSH6: (video) The Gulf of Maine Research Institute is greatly interested in the health and management of the Gulf of Maine. They're celebrating their last mission with a soiree at their headquarters in Portland.

David Turin: Dead Fish to StarboardApr 27, 2017Press Clip

WCSH6: In April, Chef David Turin gave a talk at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute's Sea State lecture series. The talk came about because David has spent much of his life on, near or in the water.

An Effort to Save Maine's Shrimp IndustryApr 14, 2017Press Clip

WCSH6: (video) Scientists at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) in Portland are finishing up a two-year pilot study using sound waves to help determine how many shrimp are below the water and where they are. Ten fishermen from Kittery to Cutler agreed to put acoustic equipment on their boats and gather data from the bottom of the ocean.

As Demand for Herring Soars, Catch Declines in MaineMar 12, 2017Press Clip

Associated Press: Last year, herring were also difficult to catch far offshore, where they are typically caught in large amounts, but they were abundant closer to the New England coast. This led to a bait shortage, because fishermen are only allowed to catch a certain percentage of their quotas in inshore waters.

Arctic Warming and MaineMar 1, 2017Press Clip

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors: Meltwater from both sea ice and shrinking glaciers and runoff from Arctic rivers swollen with increased rainfall have altered the ocean’s circulatory system. The long-term warming trend, and the rapid warming of the last 12 years, is likely related to the slowing of the AMOC, according to Pershing. 

Fisheries Ecologist Lisa Kerr Tracks Cod and Bluefin TunaFeb 3, 2017Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: Fisheries ecologist Lisa Kerr has been at the Portland-based Gulf of Maine Research Institute for four years, researching fisheries with the aim of improving sustainability management and understanding the ecosystem as a whole, as well as how it might be changing. She is the expert on all things cod and bluefin tuna.

South Portland Considers Pier Upgrades in Hopes of Aquaculture BoomJan 30, 2017Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: The long-neglected Portland Street Pier is due for major improvements that could make it a home base for burgeoning mussel- and oyster-farming operations. 

Seafood for ThoughtJan 16, 2017Press Clip

Maine Magazine: The Gulf of Maine, a diverse watershed stretching from Cape Cod to the southern tip of Nova Scotia, has historically been one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute: Surveying Casco Bay for the Long TermDec 28, 2016Press Clip

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors: Kelsey Berger was a research intern last summer for the Casco Bay Aquatic System Survey, developed and run by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI). For nearly 50 years, GMRI has been working to build our knowledge of local waters through research and through outreach.