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Recent Press

NO FLUKE: Fishermen schooled on ecosystem-based managementMar 9, 2018Press Clip

The Sun Chronicle: The Marine Resource Education Program (MREP) conducted the workshop at the Fairfield Inn in New Bedford. It was sponsored by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. The institute is a non-profit research center dedicated to being a catalyst to find solutions to ocean and fisheries challenges.

Rising seas made the latest storm surges more potent, and newly discovered records help prove itMar 8, 2018Press Clip

The Boston Globe: “Weird is now the new normal,” said Andrew Pershing, chief scientific officer of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland. “These storms are also a reminder that climate change isn’t an abstract concept debated by politicians — it has real effects on real people.”

Storm-battered coastal towns assess damage to homes, businesses, roadsMar 6, 2018Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: The storm surge pushed high tides 1.5 to 2 feet above predicted levels in Portland, peaking at 13.11 feet just before noon Friday and reaching levels above 12 feet through Sunday afternoon, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Portland, South Portland plan to fight against climate changeMar 4, 2018Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: Also gone would be the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, a modern building at 350 Commercial St., where Gayle Bowness works as the science education program manager. She heads the institute’s effort to prepare Maine’s coastal communities for sea level rise, along with the inland communities that are dependent on them.

Maine Compass: Maine lobstermen’s conservation efforts an investment in the futureFeb 15, 2018Press Clip

The recently published study confirmed what Maine lobstermen have long understood: Protecting egg-bearing females and oversized lobsters is good both for the lobsters and for lobstermen.

35 startups selected for Top Gun Maine 2018Feb 5, 2018Press Clip

The Maine Center for Entrepreneurs, the University of Maine, the Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute have selected 35 businesses for the Top Gun Maine 2018, a statewide program that assists early-stage companies with high-growth potential.

Gulf of Maine has coolest year since 2011 but still growing warmerFeb 1, 2018Press Clip

Last year was one the coolest so far this decade for the Gulf of Maine, but the body of water continues its trend toward higher temperatures despite the one-year drop.

Research Concludes Maine Conservation Technique Helped Drive Lobster Population BoomJan 22, 2018Press Clip

Lobster conservation techniques pioneered by Maine fishermen helped drive a population boom that's led to record landings this century. That's the conclusion of new, peer-reviewed research published today. 

Preparing for climate change: Maine coastal communities adapt or face a credit downgradeDec 31, 2017Press Clip

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute is working with the cities of South Portland and Portland to develop community engagement tools. It helps citizens better understand sea level rise, storm surge, increased precipitation and the flooding impacts on coastal communities.

South Portland to study aquaculture potential of city-owned pierDec 25, 2017Press Clip

The city is working with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, winning a $30,000 harbor planning grant last summer from the federally funded Maine Coastal Program to work up a redevelopment plan for the municipal pier.