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Boston Seafood Industry Gathers at Trawl to Table

Sep 22, 2016
Fall 2016

In June, our seafood team hosted a Trawl to Table event in Boston. Fishermen, chefs, school foodservice directors, seafood processors, and researchers gathered at No Name Restaurant on the Boston Fish Pier to explore the journey Gulf of Maine seafood takes on its way from the sea to dinner plates.

Despite buying and selling seafood in a shared marketplace, foodservice industry members often don’t have a chance to connect with processors and fishermen. These events are a unique forum for industry members to identify and pursue new opportunities in the Gulf of Maine seafood supply chain.

During the all-day forum, the group exchanged information about commercial fishing, with perspectives represented from all levels of the supply chain. Together, they learned more about fishing gear and practices, fisheries management, underutilized species, and serving local seafood to consumers.

We work very hard to follow the rules and regulations that govern the fishing industry,” said Gloucester fisherman Tom Testaverde. “If more people in the supply chain know how sustainable our industry is, they can help spread the word to consumers about all the healthy, abundant fish we have in our region’s waters.”